My 1 year old son "won" a $1000 gift certificate after competing in a race with other infants/toddlers at the (Denver) Colorado Family Fun Expo this past weekend (9/29/2010). When we got home to look up what we would be able to purchase for him we found that this website is just a HUGE SCAM!

The gift certificate is ABSOLUATELY WORTHLESS. They charge you a mandatory "shipping fee" for EACH item that you try to redeem but this fee is WORTH MORE than the actual item that they are trying to SELL. I say SELL because thats exactly what they are doing...NOTHING is for free on this cite and IN FACT the items are WAY OVER PRICED. This is a bunch ***!

WADISCOUNT.COM SHAME ON YOU! COLORADO FAMILY EXPO...SHAME ON YOU. I find it hard to believe that you were not aware of this scam before giving this out at a CHILDRENS EVENT. Very low.

It would have been better to get a $50 gift certificate to something that is REAL and REPUTABLE than to particiapte in this scam on the backs of kids. COLORADO FAMILY FUN EXPO...you colect a FEE for people entering your EXPO and IM SURE all of the exhibitors pay a fee as well. You could spring for 50 or 100 dollars. Again, shame on BOTH of these organizations.

I will call the EXPO and see what their responce will be. I am also trying to get in touch with WADISCOUNT and give them a piece of my mind as well. They screwed with the wrong mom. I highly encourage people to move to action when people try and rip others off.

We all work hard for our money so it really *** me off when others try and take. Just a simple google search can get you a phone number/address to these jerks and maybe get you some results.

I hope bad publicity on blogs gets these people to change their actions as well.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Starlight, Pennsylvania, United States #1102289

There is any way we can sew them maybe the text time they can not do it to other people I got mine when I bought cruises to the Bahamas.I just thought that the website was down but now I know until now.....


they told me desame thing we payed 140 for aproduct but the guy say that the product was free and we have to pay just shp an handl. and the we receive a certificate of 1000 dllrs but is doesn't work

Monsey, New York, United States #797374

It's a scam I gave my car for junk and they told me I'm getting $250 and a 1000 dlr certificate ok, I get to the website and omg *** stuff the shipping costs more then the item originally omg... It's a big scam I don't know why they are doing this to people but be aware watch out it's a scam and you don't want to buy the stuff they are selling you!!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #785367

My mom just ,got 1000dlls certificate,she was so happy idon"t know how to tell her a bout the scam because she not even speack english and made her pay 140 dlls they.tell here she can use the certificate to buy grooseris,now she is with no money and no medicine.

Please stop abuse ,old people ,


March 10, 2012 myself and my TEAM did an expo with

The Expo Pros, Shael Buchen, producer at the Del Mar Fairgrounds San Diego

Our email from Ashley Dimick stated

1. family/women's expo...was a baby's expo

2. we would have center booth...we got end booth

3. 11,855 in attendance ...avg...less than 1000 in attendance

4. 4th year show...in fact was a first year show

5. Target age 25-40

5. Median Income $140,000....NOT, I will say the avg was under $70,000

Over the phone we were told more than 15,000 in attendance.j

I sent the email to Ashley that she originally sent to Aja, my team member. Once I complained and highlighted the facts of what we where sold on, Ashley fraudulently changed the email and sent one which was complete opposite of the original...Too bad we made friends with several vendors and they also sent me their original emails with info describing the event...guess what, they matched Aja's original email from Ashley...nice try scammers!!

There fix is to offer us a 50% off next booth..no thanks!


I was a vendor in the March 2012 Baby/kids expo.

We paid $799 for an expo which I have an email that states

1. 4th year event...was 1st year

2. 11,855 avg attendees...less than 1000

3. avg age 25-40...very young parents

4. medium incom $140,000.... bet the median was less than $70,000

5. we would have center booth...not

6.verbally told over 20,000 in attendance

and when I sent them the email, the sent another one back stating that isn't what was sent.

Ashley Dimick...has lied over and over to myself and my team

Shael Buchen was producer. They are willing to give us anohter show 50% off...laugh/cough, I will never do another show with this group...so SAD!!


i just had a guy come by and try to sell me a vacuum cleaner and "won" a certificate of 1000 bucks to use at wadiscounts. I'm glad I reviewed this site first.

Before the guy could start his presentation, I asked to see the site, he went to his car, came back with the certificate and told me he had to get to another home and left quick. Lucky 4 me I didn't sign up yet. It's all marked up pieces of cheap s**t that I could buy at the swap meet for 75% less than the shipping price.

What a scam! Buyers Beware!


The same thing happened to my mother, a $1000 gift certificate that is good for nothing because you have to pay $80 dollars to ship a $15 necklace! How are places like this still allowed to be in business????


If you are still in your 14 day period, CANCEL, don't wait!!! The PATHETIC junk they are pushing doesn't cost as much as the charges and they are operating under the rules of scamming and must have some connection with the BASTARDS who operate out of Jamaica and Nigeria!!!


these ppl send me a certificate and I went online and everything sucks.... I paid $130...

I want my money back these ppl lie and steal!!! DON'T BElIVE THEM....

i waisted my rent money and now i have nothing LOSERS!!!!!.... one of the 10 commandemts is DO NOT STEAL!!!!


I already reported this company to BBB:

Ultimate Expo Company, LLC (aka: Expo Pros)

(303) 400-3470

11479 S Pine Dr

Parker, CO 80134-7308

Do you guys know any other place to report?

We need to stop them!

please email me: mailmeee@hanmail.net


So we went to the expo this weekend and won the same gift. I can't believe they would give the same gift for this expo.

Did you ever get through to anyone? If so let me know at KWILLIAMS3@kumc.edu



Walnut, California, United States #241687

I'm the dad of 1year old baby who won the Diaper Derby on Family Fun Expo held in Los Angeles (Pasadena) on 01/22/2011. We received the prize of $1000 gift certificate like the first writer but it was a scam as mentioned previously.

I contacted EXPO PROS (aka: Ultimate Expo Company, LLC.) but they're saying the never knew about the issues of the certificate and it's reasonable that I have to pay for shipping and handling. EXPO PROS are a real scammer as wadiscount.com

This EXPO must be stopped!


we just recieved a gift certificate for a $1000 man this thing would cost $3000 to use it this is totally rediculious how can these people even get there bizz on here. do the companies passing out these certs know they are rip offs?

they must know so what dies make them companies are they *** artists too? man now I dont know who to trust javascript:ac_smilie('8)')javascript:ac_smilie(':(')

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